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With its lush tropical gardens, The Angkor Village Hotel is a tranquil oasis in the vibrant heart of downtown Siem Reap; the gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. A small family-owned and operated property founded on authenticity and charm, the Hotel’s unique architecture is an homage to traditional Khmer style. Our 43 rooms, swimming pool, restaurant, theatre and wellness options were designed with respect for local culture, and nature.

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About Angkor Village

Near the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Angkor Wat, like an oasis in the vibrant heart of Siem Reap, lies the Angkor Village Hotel. Imagined and built in 1994 by a French-Cambodian architect couple as an homage to Khmer style; the hotel’s architecture is a testament to Siem Reap’s postwar revival, a blend of history and modernity.

Each room is a tasteful composition of artisanship, local materials, and antiques. Among the hotel’s rainforest gardens, the wooden buildings are interconnected by elevated walkways and bridges; a relaxing example of elegance that embodies all that the hotel represents: a profound respect for tradition and nature.

The Kenary lounge bar is the perfect place to sip on craft cocktails steps away from the city’s urban effervescence. Aaraama, the hotel’s main restaurant, serves a painstakingly curated selection of the kingdom’s rarest and most iconic recipes. A stone’s throw away, is the Apsara Theatre, an inspiring venue perpetuating a range of Cambodia’s performing arts.

The hotel is not just a place to stay, it is a collection of experiences designed to take your breath away.

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Our Story

As two architects visiting Cambodia in 1991, they found a nation seeking to rebuild, a mission that they were more than happy to make their own.

Across the dirt paths and overgrown fields, the couple fell in love with a quiet town surrounded by some of the world’s most inspiring monuments. It is in Siem Reap that came the vision to build a hotel unlike any other at the time. An homage to traditional architecture and Khmer hospitality, the Angkor Village Hotel opened its doors in 1994 to an immediate effervescence.

In its early days, the hotel was a safe haven for journalists, UN personnel, diplomats, and courageous travellers. Weathering storms, Khmer Rouge incursions, and political crises, the hotel remained open to welcome the public with charm and savoir vivre; a place that felt like home, no matter what.

This homely feeling comes as no surprise, because that is precisely what this hotel means to those who keep it running. It is where the couple raised their two sons, where generations of employees learned a trade, where some were married, where children succeeded their parents, and where others retired after decades-long careers serving guests with an unwavering commitment to embodying all that the hotel represents.

Throughout the years, the vision behind the hotel led to constant improvement and the creation of the Apsara Theatre and Kulen Elephant Forest; two projects designed to support the preservation of performing arts, and nature, respectively.

Today, the Angkor Village Hotel is an oasis in a bustling city centre, where our wooden buildings and lush gardens stay true to a vision of Siem Reap that is authentic in every sense.

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